Blipblop. Bitpop. Chiptunes. Bleep. BloOp.

Hi! Welcome to the humble headquarters of Rymdkraft, happy and slightly crazy music lives here.

If you're looking for merch (excellent, rymdkraft-ified t-shirts among other things) it's available here.

Psst, for gigs or other questions, feel free to contact me via Facebook, Twitter or just an e-mail to tobbe-at-this-domain.


Upcoming shows

Feb 21 Nintendoom (Genk, Belgium)

May 16 En Fest i 8 Bitar (Göteborg, Sweden)

Jul 23 Emmabodafestivalen (Emmaboda, Sweden)

Sep 1x Superbyte 2015 (Manchester, UK)

Sep 2x Square Sounds (Tokyo, JP)